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Can anybody be Hypnotised or do you have to be weak minded?

On the contrary, you need a reasonable amount of intelligence in order to be hypnotised. The people who respond best to Hypnosis are those who are capable of concentration, imagination and mental dexterity.


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Most people can be hypnotised. The exceptions are those who are mentally subnormal or those who are ‘high’ on drugs or alcohol. Everybody else (who properly co-operates with the process) can be hypnotised.

Obviously, if somebody cannot understand what is required of them, or if they are resisting for some reason they will have difficulty entering into Hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you but certainly not by waving a watch in your face and saying “You will become more…” as often seen in old films and cartoons.

Hypnosis does not make your eyes turn into spinning saucers and make you start behaving in ways you wouldn’t normally.

Hypnosis is not Black Magic or Vodoo and is not Mind Control!

It quite simply helps to remove a lot of the unhelpful beliefs and confusing interference in the way you talk to yourself so that you can focus on what you want.

You can start to develop new and exciting beliefs. Your self confidence will improve because it was always there anyway. We are born with two fears, falling and loud noises, everything else we learn through life’s experiences.

Will I lose control of myself and could I be made to do or say anything against my will or nature?

No. You will know what is going on and you will retain your intelligence and your self-control. Hypnotherapy requires the Client and the Therapist to work together in a spirit of co-operation, in order to help you to make a Positive Change to your life!

For Hypnotherapy to be successful, you need to be comfortable with what is going on in the session. If any suggestion is given to you that you do not agree with, you will reject it. If anything was suggested to you that went against your beliefs or moral codes you would be shocked out of hypnosis.

If you don’t lose control, what about the Stage Hypnosis shows where people do all sorts of silly things?

Successful stage hypnosis requires willing volunteers. These people have a desire to join in the show and perform, or they wouldn’t volunteer to go on stage in the first place. Hypnosis merely helps them to lift the inhibitions which they may ordinarily have against performing.

Please do not confuse Stage Hypnosis with Hypnotherapy. The aims are very different.

Is Hypnosis dangerous and are there any side effects?

Hypnotherapy is not dangerous. In skilled hands Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic aid. No drugs should ever be used, and there are no unwanted side effects.

I hope that you now have a clearer understanding of Hypnosis and its uses. In addition to the information provided, most therapists should be able to answer any additional questions you may have.


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