Men unhappy with their beer bellies

Men unhappy with their beer bellies
by David Howells

More men than ever could be looking to weight loss hypnotherapy to rid them of their beer bellies, BBC News reports.

Research from the University of the West of England found that men often talk about body image with their peers and get hung up on their failings.

Studying the behaviours of 384 British men with an average age of 40, scientists from the University found that four in five had a problem with their shape, with beer bellies and lack of muscle definition the biggest gripe.

Thirty five per cent of those questioned even said they would go so far as to take a year off their life in order to get the body shape they desired.

Of those studied, 80 per cent spoke about body shape with friends and lovers, whilst one in three took protein supplements to help them get more muscle definition.

Speaking to, study leader Dr Philippa Diedrichs explained how “body talk” was the term researchers coined for this talking amongst men of body shape.

“Body talk reinforces the unrealistic beauty ideal which reinforces leanness and muscularity,” she said.

“This is traditionally seen as an issue for women but our research shows that men are feeling the pressure to conform too. We need to take a collaborative approach to promoting an environment that values diversity and promotes healthy body image.”

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