Tailor Made Testimonial!

I went to Kevin at his business Positive Change Hypnotherapy for the purpose of quitting smoking. I had been a non smoker for three years previous but had some how fallen back into smoking.

I was determined to quit and with Kevin’s expertise I did just that. The session was great. I was very relaxed and Kevin guided me through a deep hypnosis. When I emerged, I was delighted to be a non smoker once again. I felt no fear, urges or cravings at all and the little trick he gave me to enforce that was a great help. Very clever.

It’s been almost four months and I haven’t had a cigarette let alone thought about them. I have put on no additional weight and feel happy and more confident which is exactly what Kevin said would be the case.

The session with Kevin is very powerful and I would strongly recommend going to see him if you have any such issues with smoking, stress, weight loss. Your health is your greatest asset and with Kevin’s help you can make sure you stay healthy and free from disease.

Jason Walsh MIAPR, Founder, Galway Holistic Network


March 21, 2011

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