Welcome to Positive Change Hypnotherapy

Kevin O’Brien is the former President of the Irish Hypnotherapy Association.

Originally from London, Kevin works with Clients from the UK, Ireland and Gran Canaria, helping them to enhance their lives using Transformation Therapy. Kevin assists his Clients to obtain great benefit with one-to-one sessions and teaches his clients to reach inside and achieve amazing transformations.

Kevin’s passion for Hypnotherapy originated from when he went to see a Hypnotherapist in London for help with his own 30-a-day smoking habit. After just one session, he quit smoking and never wanted a cigarette again. He decided from that moment that he wanted to help others achieve their Goals.

Kevin has a Diploma in Clinical and Therapeutical Hypnotherapy with both The Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain (HTIB) and The Irish Hypnotherapy Association (IHA).

Whether you want to use Hypnotherapy to quit smoking, lose weight or to manage stress, Kevin will help you to achieve the extraordinary.

Kevin O’Brien R.C. Hyp., Dip. Hyp.

Kevin will use Hypnosis to eradicate your bad habits and create new ones easily and with little difficulty. Soon you will create a cycle which will be positive and learn the techniques and habits to maintain it.

Hypnosis enables you to focus on changing a thought or behaviour. It enables you to change what you feel is wrong in your thinking or behaviour into something that is more acceptable and pleasing.

Maybe you want to use Hypnotherapy to change something that you no longer wish to bother you, such as a habit or being stressed. Or maybe you just want to learn how to make life better.

Your unconscious mind has created obstacles which prevent you from changing your life. Kevin will dismantle those obstacles and create a new attitude and approach which will soon become a habit and second nature to you.

Please contact Kevin by Email to arrange an appointment or call him directly:

(+34) 666 312 230  or (SKYPE (ID: Positivechange.ie by appointment only).


*Kevin O’Brien is a Fully Insured Practitioner