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Exam nerves can be a nightmare! There is nothing worse than, after all your hard study, you walk into your exam and your mind goes blank. Your nerves and anxiety get the better of you and your brain simply stops working properly!

This is a well-known phenomenon in psychology known as state-dependant memory. The state you are in determines what you can remember. If you are in a very different state to when you learned, it is hard to recall things. If you are very anxious, your brain is simply in the wrong state for thinking!


You can overcome exam nerves Call Positive Change Hypnotherapy Gran Canaria NOW (+34) 666 31 22 30.

Hypnosis is great for re-training your brain to respond with the sort of emotional response that will help your performance. So in an exam, you need calmness tinged with a little excitement to give you that extra edge. A little stress actually improves memory and recall! A driving test can be failed because your anxiety is so great that some mistakes are made.

Distressingly these mistakes are only made at the time it really matters and would never have been made during a normal driving lesson.

Careers can be ruined if the grades are not good enough to get into the right University, or promotion missed if ongoing examinations are failed. The knowledge and ability are there, but the anxiety is so strong that the mind empties, panic sets in and stupid mistakes are made.

Kevin O’Brien can remove that anxiety so that you are cool, calm and collected on the day of the exam. People experience many┬ábenefits from one-to-one Hypnotherapy sessions with Positive Change Hypnotherapy. Kevin teaches his clients to reach inside and achieve amazing results.


Usually a single session, lasting perhaps an hour and a half, is all that is required to combat nerves, although sometimes it can take more sessions depending on your individual needs.

Advice and Tips for Exam Nerves:

  • Believe in yourself. If you prepare for the exams properly you will do fine.
  • Be realistic. Keep things in balance. If you create unrealistic goals, you will only be disappointed. Aim to do your best and for yourself, rather than others
  • Take steps to overcome problems. Talk to a teacher if you don’t understand a topic. Don’t keep things bottled up. Confiding in someone you trust and who will be supportive is a great way of alleviating stress and worry
  • Keep things in perspective. The exams might seem like the most crucial thing right now, but in the grander scheme of your whole life they are only a small part

Tips For the Revision Period:

  • Create an overview of what you want to revise and break each subject down into chunks. Make headings and allocate each section on a weekly planner
  • Practice with past papers
  • Set start and finish times for your revision and be clear in your mind what you want to achieve for each session
  • Aim to break up revision with five minutes break every half hour
  • Drink water rather than tea or coffee
  • Use active revision techniques to make the best use of your time
  • Review your revision, checking what you know and what you don’t know
  • Plan how you will use your time in the exams before-hand
  • Revise with a friend and make it more enjoyable

On the big day:

  • Don’t work too long the previous night
  • Make sure you know where and when the exam is being held
  • Leave plenty of time to get there
  • Make sure you have all your equipment in advance
  • Avoid too much coffee, nicotine and caffeine containing drinks
  • Do some of the relaxation techniques so that you are calm and focused
  • Don’t wind each other up with ideas of what might or might not come up in the exam





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