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Stop shaking and stand your ground!

When everybody is watching you and hanging on your every word and the silence that you can hear is deafening. Your tongue feels too big for your mouth and you cannot utter the words no matter how much you have practiced. Your eye catches every movement in the room as an indication that your audience is laughing at you or being frustrated at the delay.

After all of the hours you have put in to making your speech the best that it can be it has all been thrown away as you start sweating and your chest is pounding. If you could just stop all the chitter-chatter in your mind everything will be OK and you will get through this in one piece.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It is natural to feel nervous when you are the focus of so much attention. Public speaking, in front of large or small group groups of people can be extremely intimidating. For some people the fear of public speaking is so great they believe it is impossible to overcome. But deep down you want to share your thoughts on this subject. People respect your opinions and outlook, which is why you were chosen to speak.

Enjoy Public Speaking Again!

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Yet somehow, regardless of your preparation and expertise, when it comes to Public Speaking, you freeze. Are you afraid you will make a mistake, say the wrong thing, stumble over your words?

What if people laugh or are just not interested? What if they can tell how nervous you are about Public Speaking? Will that seem unprofessional?

The truth is that most of them won’t even notice, and if they do, they would understand and feel the same way. They are there to hear you speak, not to judge your performance.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Enjoy the excitement of public speaking!
  • Stand tall and strong in front of your audience!
  • Share your thoughts proudly and freely!

Hypnosis can help you to associate Public Speaking as a positive experience.

Following your Hypnotherapy session you will revel in the anticipation and excitement of the moment. Your creative unconscious (subconscious) mind is very adaptable. With the right suggestions you can overcome your fear of Public Speaking and take steps toward freedom.

People achieve amazing results from one-to-one Hypnotherapy sessions with Positive Change Hypnotherapy. Kevin teaches his clients to reach inside and achieve amazing results.

Let Kevin O’Brien guide you to Public Speaking excellence!

Usually a single session, lasting perhaps an hour and a half, is all that is required, although sometimes it can take more sessions depending on your individual needs.


In a survey from the Book of Lists, people were asked, “What are you most afraid of?” Public Speaking was the number one answer. Most people have the same problem.

Congratulations on taking the first step to improving yourself in this area.

Here are some tips to help you:

Eye Contact

Look at just one person, look at their eyes, speak to one person at a time. Then pause, and find the next person. Instead of speaking to a group talk to individuals members of the audience


Place both feet firmly on the ground and relax. Use your hands and arms to effect.

If you are speaking about a big opportunity show how big it is. If you are speaking about increase turnover, make sure that your gesture reflects the specific increase.

When you are not using your arms just allow them to drop naturally to your sides.

Inflection and Volume

Increase your volume and the tone of your voice. It is more interesting, more exciting to listen to a presenter that has passion and feeling in their voice. Speak to your audience with belief and they will believe you.

Humor and Jokes

The type of humor that is most effective is self deprecation. Make fun of yourself. Don’t take yourself so seriously. A lot of times we will joke about the fact that our writing isn’t that good or my ability to draw is awful. So go ahead and make fun of yourself.

Designing Visuals and using Hardware

Keep your visuals and accessories simple. Make sure that your presentation clear and keep in mind that people read from top to bottom and left to right. Design your visuals to be read that way.

Make those visuals easy to understand. Your talk doesn’t need to be simple, but the visuals you use to cue your audience to hear what you’re saying do.

Arrive early to your presentation and make sure that all of the equipment you are going to use is in working order and check it yourself. Make sure that you actually see it working because once you start your presentation you can’t say “I was told that this was working”. Don’t be caught off guard and embarrassed.

The Q&A Section

When you are making a presentation, you are the person in control. It is your design and you know your presentation well enough to know what’s coming next.

The problem with Q&A is that it is unknown. One of the first things you need to know is what to do when somebody asks you a negative question. If you repeat that question you are in essence, confirming that it might be true.

Actually repeating a question is not always a bad idea. It gives you time to think and it gives the rest of the audience a chance to hear what the question is. But if the question imparts a negative, there is another technique.

Instead of repeating the question, listen closely to the question so that you are not only hearing the words, but the essence of the question.

Because Q&A is usually at the end of a presentation, it is so important to end on a positive note.

Whilst giving a presentation

Remember the following to ensure a smooth presentation:

  • Breathe normally
  • Place both feet squarely on the ground
  • Slow down, don’t speak too quickly
  • Don’t read from a script
  • Make it as natural as possible
  • Appreciate the situation
  • Stay in control



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